Concept Art “Barbarossa”

Pictured are two recent conceptional drawings for a private 3D project in the making.

The final work will deal with the common German myth about sleeping emperor Barbarossa.

These drawings are supposed to give an impression of how a high lord at the end of the 12th century (3rd crusade) may have

been dressed.


The portayed figure wears a nasal helmet typical for that time with a crown attached to it, identifying the wearer as

king or emperor.

This picture shows three different figures wearing surcoats over their chain mail, typical for the High Middle Ages.

The character on the left wears a bendy-styled surcoat. The sewed-on cross on his cape was a typical symbol for

crusader knights.


german king roman emperor Frederick I. Barbarossa concept drawing 3 figures with surcoat and chain mail detail shot

The surcoat of the character in the middle bears a single-headed, black eagle which came into use as symbol for the kings

and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire at that time.

The figure on the right wears a vertically halved coat of arms with an imperial eagle and the lion of the Staufer dynasty as

dukes of Swabia.