TCI Heavy Drone

The TCI Heavy Drone is an in-game

model developed in 2008 as part of

the final student project

"Corporate Conflict Mars"


It depicts a mobile heavy artillery unit

that can completely be deployed if



The model consists of approximately

15.000 polygons.

Heavy Drone ready to fire

“The project Corporate Conflict Mars is a student project of the Games Academy’s training framework.

The team consists of members of various disciplines:

3D Art & Animation, 3D Programming, Game Design & Game Producing


Being scheduled for a period of three semesters the first semester (P200) started on 4th of January 2008 and was mainly

spent on the preproduction and development of a prototype.

Until graduation in August 2009, the remaining 2 semesters will be focused on producing the golden master."




  • Corporate Conflict Mars Heavy Drone Gamesload Newcomer Award