Augmented Reality App "Elephant"

For the upcoming opening of the elephant

enclosure of the Allwetterzoo Münster and in

cooperation with "AVK Terwey" I partook in the

development of an Augmented Reality app running

on all current-gen smartphones and tablet computers.


Zoo visitors will be guided by an animated elephant

in an interactive tour through the elephant

enclosure with its various stages.


To start the app you will need the Augmented

Reality browser "junaio". The app will be loaded

when you aim the camera at the advertising bill and

press "Scan".

Once the necessary data is loaded the elephant will

welcome you and the tour can begin.


To stay viable for smartphone users the app couldn't exceed a certain amount of data.

So, polycount and texture sizes needed to stay as small as possible.

Also, every color information has been baked into the colormap as dynamic lighting with shadow casting hasn't been possible

at that time.


The elephant is completely rigged and features a certain amount of lifelike animations as you can see in the video.