Medieval Character Models

In cooperation with "Medievalworlds" I'm creating a set

of authentic character models.


Its goal is to portray the various aspects of medieval

feudal society to ensure a multifaceted depiction of this

specfic period in history.


They are fully rigged so one can immediately

animate and render them.




Real-time view of the model


First, we decided to create a couple of knights or warriors in general starting with a Knight Templar wearing gear typically assiociated with the early 13th century:

The knight wears a over-the-knee surcoat with the red cross of the Knights Templar sewn onto it, beneath it an entire chain mail armor with an additional mail coif as well as a Great Helm and spurs characteristic for the heavy cavalry of that time.




The second model portrays a well-off feudal knight of about the same time. He wears a costly surcoat bearing his family's coat of arms with a golden piping, a skillfully ornamented belt, as well as a mail shirt with sewn-on coif and leather gloves. The less weighty cross-gartered trousers and the simple nasal helmet due to its better sight allow him to be an effective fighter on horseback as well as on the ground.



Representing the clergy, here's a Franciscan Friar as he could have been dressed at any time in the Middle Ages. He's wearing the typically brown habit, leather sandals as well as a cord and a simple wooden cross. He's coming in 2 variants: hooded and bare-headed.



The fourth model depicts a late-medieval merchant (late 15th century). The clothing might suit a wealthy townsman or patrician