Logo Graphic "Schwertbrüderorden"

As member of a former gaming clan

"Schwertbrüderorden" I was asked to create a banner

graphic of the medieval Christian military order in a

more up to date 3D version.


The historical "Order of the Livonian Brothers of the

Sword" was founded in 1202 on the initiative of the

bishop of Riga to proselytize the region of Livionia.

After a heavy defeat against the Lithuanians in the

battle of Saule the order lost its independence and was

incorporated into the Teutonic Order.


The only reference I had was a black and white print of

a seal containing this emblem. The colors red and white

were an official feature of a Christian military order and

found its way into the coat of arms of many North

German cities.


Developing process of the emblem:
simple shapes were completely modeled and later treated in a way to make them look aged.